Change statements into questions

Change the following affirmative statements into questions.

1. She is working on a new project.

2. He has returned from the US.

3. Maya has passed the test.

4. Martina called in the morning.

5.  The boy helped the blind man to cross the road.

6. He won accolades for his performance.

7. Susan enjoys reading.

8. He knows how to swim.

9. Columbus invented America.

10. She always finds faults with others.

11. Raju was present with his friends.

12. She does not know it.

13. This car belongs to Martin.

14. She asked him to go.

15. He realized his mistake.

16. He apologized when he realized his mistake.


1. Is she working on a new project?

2. Has he returned from the US?

3. Has Maya passed the test?

4. Did Martina call in the morning?

5.  Did the boy help the blind man to cross the road?

6. Did he win accolades for his performance?

7. Does Susan enjoy reading?

8. Does he know how to swim?

9. Did Columbus invent America?

10. Does she always find faults with others?

11. Was Raju present with his friends?

12. Does she know it?

13. Does this car belong to Martin?

14. Did she ask him to go?

15. Did he realize his mistake?

16. Did he apologize when he realized his mistake?