Commonly confused words quiz 3

Complete the following sentences.

1. The candidates have been vigorously ———————— votes.

a) canvassing
b) canvasing

2. We must not violate the ——————– of law.

a) canons
b) cannons

3. Fighting a ——————- with one’s rival to win the love of a lady was very common in France in the eighteenth century.

a) dual

b) duel

4. What is ——————— of the Gurkha is his utter fearlessness.

a) distinct
b) distinctive

5. The —————— of troops on the border is a military strategy.

a) disposal
b) disposition

6. It was a —————— violation of the terms of the agreement.

a) fragrant
b) flagrant

7. You are worrying over —————— fears.

a) imaginary
b) imaginative

8. You can’t be a great writer if you are not ———————

a) imaginative
b) imaginary

9. He leads a ——————- life in the city, neglecting his parents who live in misery.

a) luxurious
b) luxuriant

10. He proved his ——————— by handling the situation with extreme tact and confidence.

a) metal
b) mettle

11. There I met a ——————— old gentleman with a tall stature and a flowing beard.

a) reverent
b) reverend

12. I am very ——————— about getting their support.

a) sanguinary
b) sanguine


1. a) canvassing (request votes etc)
2. a) canons (rule or principle)
3. b) duel (a combat between two persons)
4. b) distinctive (characteristic)
5. b) disposition (arrangement)
6. b) flagrant (glaring, scandalous)
7. a) imaginary (not real)
8. a) imaginative (gifted with imagination)
9. a) luxurious (given to luxury)
10. b) mettle (quality, courage)
11. b) reverend (worthy of reverence)
12. b) sanguine (hopeful)