Connecting Words Quiz 1

Complete the following sentences by supplying appropriate connecting words.

1. Small service is true service ————- it lasts.

a) if
b) then
c) that
d) though

2. There we met a boy ————– had lost his way.

a) who
b) whom
c) which
d) whose

3. He makes no friend, ————– never made a foe.

a) who
b) whom
c) which
d) what

4. The moment ————- is lost is lost for ever.

a) that
b) which
c) than
d) whose

5. ———— somewhat intrusive, he was an entertaining companion.

a) as
b) though
c) if
d) as though

6. ———– I am dead, my dearest, sing no sad songs for me.

a) if
b) when
c) as though
d) as if

7. ———– the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

a) if
b) as if
c) that
d) though

8. ———— this be madness, ———– there is method in it.

a) if, then
b) though, yet
c) though, and
d) as, yet

9. ————- he had gone I remembered ———— he was.

a) when, whom
b) when, who
c) if, that
d) after, whom

10. ————– he was born, ————- brought him up and ———— he lived, we don’t know.

a) where, who, how
b) that, whom, how
c) where, who, that
d) where, whom, when


1. if
2. who / that
3. who / that
4. that / which
5. though
6. when
7. if
8. though, yet
9. when, who
10. where, who, how