Direct and indirect speech exercise

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into the indirect speech.

1. Seema asked me, ‘Where do you live?’

2. She said, ‘Please come here.’

3. He said, ‘Do not insult the poor.’

4. He said, ‘Will you have time to do it?’

5. Karan said, ‘I didn’t steal your pen.’

6. Victor said, ‘I am going away.’

7. He told his mother, ‘I will pass the test.’

8. Shakespeare said, ‘All the world is a stage.’

9. He said, ‘Go away.’

10. She said, ‘I have invited them.’

11. The traveler said to the driver, ‘Can you take to the nearest hotel?’

12. The boy said to the teacher, ‘Can you help me with my science project?’


1. Seema asked me where I lived.

2. She requested him to go there.

3. He told them not to insult the poor.

4. He asked me if / whether I would have time to do it.

5. Karan said that he hadn’t stolen my pen.

6. Victor said that he was going away.

7. He told his mother that he would pass the test.

8. Shakespeare said that all the world was a stage.

9. He ordered them to go away.

10. She said that she had invited them.

11. The traveler asked the driver if he could take him to the nearest hotel.

12. The boy asked the teacher if she could help him with his science project.