Direct and indirect speech exercise

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into the indirect speech.

1. Jane said, ‘I am sewing.’

2. Jane said, ‘I like to sing.’

3. Ram said, ‘I’m going to school.’

4. Peter said, ‘I don’t know if I can come.’

5. Harry said, ‘I have read this book.’

6. Susie said, ‘I have been reading this book.’

7. Susan said, ‘I read this book last week.’

8. Rahul said, ‘I was reading this book when Ravi snatched it away.’

9. Susie said, ‘I will read this book tomorrow.’

10. Rohan asked, ‘Have you read this book?’

11. Mary asked, ‘Where is my key?’

12. Mother asked, ‘What is the matter?’


1. Jane said that she was sewing.

2. Jane said that she likes / liked to sing.

3. Ram said that he was going to school.

4. Peter said that he didn’t know if he could come.

5. Harry said that he had read that book.

6. Susie said that she had been reading that book.

7. Susan said that she had read that book the previous week.

8. Rahul said that he was / had been reading that book when Ravi snatched it away.

9. Susie said that she would read that book the next day.

10. Rohan asked if I had read that book.

11. Mary asked where her key was.

12. Mother asked what the matter was.