Easily confused words Quiz 2

1.       Children are usually ————- on their parents until they can earn enough to support  themselves.

a)      Dependent
b)      Dependant

2.       Cancer is a deadly —————–

a)      Disease
b)      Decease

3.       Do not —————- with other people’s affairs.

a)      Medal
b)      Meddle

4.       The new principal —————– many changes in the college.

a)      Affected
b)      Effected

5.       The —————- is survived by his wife and children.

a)      Diseased
b)      Deceased

6.       The statue is at the top of the hill and the ————— is very steep.

a)      Assent
b)      Ascent

7.       I will let you do it now, but don’t take it as a —————-, because I will not let you do it again.

a)      President
b)      Precedent

8.       You will —————– your dog if you don’t tie it up.

a)      Lose
b)      Loose

9.       Rabbits live in ——————

a)      Wholes
b)      Holes

10.   As he had no clothes the sun burnt his —————– skin.

a)      Bear
b)      Bare

11.   A —————- is a group of people met together on some business.

a)      Counsel
b)      Council

12.   In summer the ——————- is hot.

a)      Weather
b)      Whether


1.       Dependent
2.       Disease
3.       Meddle
4.       Effected
5.       Deceased
6.       Ascent
7.       Precedent
8.       Lose
9.       Holes
10.    Bare
11.    Council
12.    Weather