English vocabulary exercise

In each sentence given below a word or phrase is underlined. From the given options choose the word / phrase closest in meaning to the underlined part.

1. As soon as he finished his speech, there was deafening applause from the audience.

a) willing

b) ear-splitting

c) instantaneous

d) instinctive

2. The soldier proved his mettle in the battlefield.

a) stamina and strength

b) persistence

c) courage and endurance

d) heroism

3. The leader nodded his head in approbation.

a) understanding

b) approval

c) admiration

d) appreciation

4. The tablet alleviated pain and discomfort and I was soon feeling well.

a) removed

b) moderated

c) mitigated

d) lightened

5. The capricious winds made the voyage quite difficult.

a) misleading

b) whimsical

c) erratic

d) unpredictable

6. The sale of illicit liquor is a punishable offence.

a) indigenous

b) illegitimate

c) illegal

d) country

7. Wearing helmets should be made mandatory for cyclists.

a) compulsory

b) necessary

c) required

d) needed

8. The mysterious phenomenon baffled even the experts.

a) perplexed

b) defeated

c) thwarted

d) foiled

9. Instead of putting up a united front against the common enemy, the princely states frittered away their energy in internecine warfare.

a) pernicious

b) mutually destructive

c) baneful

d) detrimental

10. The injuries were fatal and she died immediately.

a) grievous

b) dangerous

c) deadly

d) serious


1. b) ear-splitting

2. c) courage and endurance

3. b) approval

4. c) mitigated

5. d) erratic

6. c) illegal

7. a) compulsory

8. a) perplexed

9. b) mutually destructive

10. c) deadly