Fill In The Blanks

Complete the following sentences.

1. The meeting was held at a ——————- hall.

a) special
b) specious
c) spacious
d) sociable

2. That he is very —————— should be evident from the number of friends he has.

a) social
b) sociable
c) societal
d) none of these

3. The gangster made a ————— attack on the hapless villagers.

a) timid
b) bold
c) cowardly
d) valiant

4. He is contesting from the —————— constituency of Pune.

a) urban
b) urbane
c) rural
d) rustic

5. Some medicines are not to be taken —————–

a) verbally
b) physically
c) orally
d) generally

6. His speeches are so —————– that I don’t like to listen to them.

a) oral
b) verbal
c) verbose
d) idyllic

7. I don’t trust him so I can’t give you any assurance regarding the ——————- of his statement.

a) clarity
b) veracity
c) voracity
d) truth

8. The Georgian forces could not —————– the Russian advance.

a) withheld
b) withstand
c) withdraw
d) none of these

9. Sita of the epic Ramayana is known for her —————— virtues.

a) womanish
b) womanly
c) effeminate
d) manly

10. I am of the opinion that —————- accuracy is not required in translation.

a) verbal
b) oral
c) verbose
d) factual

11. A ——————– amount of money has already been wasted on this project.

a) considerate
b) considerable
c) consistent
d) consorted

12. Gambling is against my ——————–

a) principle
b) principal
c) ideal
d) idea


1. spacious
2. sociable
3. cowardly
4. urban
5. orally
6. verbose
7. veracity
8. withstand
9. womanly
10. verbal
11. considerable
12. principle