Frame questions

An example is given below.

Answer: His father died last year.
Question: When did his father die?


1. I had eggs for breakfast.

2. I ate a banana in the morning.

3. We went to Switzerland last year.

4. I visited my grandparents last week.

5. I met John yesterday.

6. He finished his studies in 2003.

7. I received the parcel in the morning.

8. They have lived here since 1998.

9. Jane won the first prize in the drawing competition.

10. My father works at a multinational company.

11. Mary keeps a pig in her backyard.

12. Alice took Mary to New York.

13. Susie married her brother’s friend.

14. Sandra suffered serious injuries in the accident.


1. What did you have for breakfast?

2. What did you eat in the morning?

3. Where did you go last year?

4. Whom did you visit last week?

5. Whom did you meet yesterday?

6. When did he finish his studies?

7. When did you receive the parcel?

8. Since when have they lived here?

9. Who won the first prize in the drawing competition?

10. Where does your father work?

11. Who keeps a pig in her backyard?

12. Who took Mary to New York?

13. Whom did Susie marry?

14. Who suffered serious injuries in the accident?