Future Tenses Quiz

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate verb forms.

1. The plane ——————– at 4.30 pm.

a) arrive
b) arrives
c) will arrive
d) has arrive

2. I will call you when I ——————- back.

a) will come
b) comes
c) come
d) had come

3. We ——————– the Smiths this evening.

a) visit
b) visits
c) are visiting
d) have visited

4. Look at the sky. It ——————– rain.

a) is going to
b) will rain
c) would rain
d) was going to

5. The train ———————- before we reach the station.

a) arrives
b) arrive
c) would arrive
d) will have arrived

6. Perhaps we ——————— our grand parents this week.

a) will visit
b) visit
c) visited
d) would have visited

7. The next term ———————- on 16th September.

a) begin
b) begins
c) will begin
d) has begun

8. I am sure he ——————

a) come
b) comes
c) will come
d) will come

9. I ——————– you one of these days.

a) will have seen
b) will be seeing
c) see
d) would see

10. Hurry up! The program ———————

a) will start
b) is about to start
c) would start
d) is starting


1. arrives
2. come
3. are visiting
4. is going to
5. will have arrived
6. will visit
7. begins
8. will come
9. will be seeing
10. is about to start