Gap Fills Exercise

Complete the following sentences with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. I didn’t quite understand the logic behind his plan, but I decided to —————- to his superior knowledge.

a) defer
b) accept
c) challenge
d) obey

2. He needs something to —————– his leisure hours.

a) pass
b) occupy
c) leave
d) kill

3. The auditorium was packed but the speaker disappointed the audience with his —————- speech that occupied a good part of the hour.

a) inciting
b) rambling
c) vigorous
d) encouraging

4. The rich meal was ———————- by a light dessert.

a) Complemented
b) Complimented
c) Topped
d) Followed

5. I don’t think we can trust her. She wouldn’t —————- to cheat.

a) Mind
b) Resist
c) Scruple
d) Consider

6. The ship has its full ——————– of sailors.

a) Compliment
b) Complement
c) Share
d) Quota

7. We should act before opposition to our plan ——————.

a) Forms
b) Congeals
c) Takes shape
d) None of these

8. The building’s most ——————feature is its dome-shaped roof.

a) Conspicuous
b) Elaborate
c) Significant
d) Appealing

9. He felt uncomfortably—————-, since he was the only man in evening dress.

a) visible
b) conspicuous
c) conscious
d) noticeable

10. Leaving her business partner to —————- the deal, she boarded a flight for New York.

a) accept
b) advance
c) consummate
d) secure


1. defer
2. occupy
3. rambling
4. Complemented
5. scruple
6. complement
7. congeals
8. conspicuous
9. conspicuous
10. consummate