Idioms and Phrases Quiz

Test your knowledge of idioms and phrases with this simple quiz

1.    He always keeps himself ——————— the latest developments in the world of science.

a)    Abreast with
b)    Abreast in
c)    Abreast at
d)    Abreast on

2.    He was arrested for being ——————— to the crime.

a)    Accessory to
b)    Accessory in
c)    Accessory at
d)    Accessory for

3.    She entered the hospital and stood ——————– the sight of the dead and the wounded.

a)    Aghast with
b)    Aghast in
c)    Aghast at
d)    Aghast on

4.    ——————— the sky became dark and started pouring.

a)    All in once
b)    All at once
c)    All once
d)    At once

5.    The father died without leaving a will behind and his property has ever since been the ———————- between the two brothers.

a)    Apple of discord
b)    Center of discord
c)    Reason of discord
d)    Melon of discord

6.    He told me that he was not ———————– impressed with the performance.

a)    At all
b)    In all
c)    After all
d)    Quite all

7.    The convict who escaped from prison last month is still ——————–

a)    In the prison
b)    At large
c)    In the open
d)    In large

8.    The manager sent for the clerk and he came ————————-

a)    At once
b)    All in a sudden
c)    All in once
d)    Once

9.    ———————- I wonder why I was born.

a)    In times
b)    At times
c)    With times
d)    On times

10.    I was not ——————— his intentions.

a)    Aware of
b)    Aware about
c)    Aware at
d)    Aware with

11.    She said that she would not ————————— the promise she had given me.

a)    Back out with
b)    Back out in
c)    Back out of
d)    Back out on

12.    There is no ———————- between us.

a)    Blue blood
b)    Bad blood
c)    Blood
d)    Bloodiness

13.    The terms of this agreement are not acceptable to me so I will not be a ——————— it.

a)    Party to
b)    Part to
c)    Part of
d)    Party of

14.    She was ———————– with grief when she heard about her husband’s death.

a)    Beside herself
b)    Besides herself
c)    Beside
d)    Besides

15.    We are ———————– late if we don’t hurry up.

a)    Bound to be
b)    Bound for
c)    Bound at be
d)    Bound in be


1.    Abreast with
2.    Accessory to
3.    Aghast at
4.    All at once
5.    Apple of discord
6.    At all
7.    At large
8.    At once
9.    At times
10.    Aware of
11.    Back out of
12.    Bad blood
13.    Party to
14.    Beside herself
15.    Bound to be