Make Meaningful Sentences

Make meaningful sentences.

1. we may the have mobilize to the reserves for invasion.

2. the is angelic child a of perfection model.

3. the investors the model of the proposed disapproved shopping centre.

4. a we did moderate today amount only of business.

5. the of new achieved pain some drug moderation the.

6. his caused misrepresentation the facts trouble of.

7. to after three the he gave missed up trying hit target.

8. have it is pouring misplaced my and umbrella I.

9. by I respectable was misled his behavior.

10. a the diplomat sent on great mission of was secrecy.


1. We may have to mobilize the reserves for the invasion.

2. The angelic child is a model of perfection.

3. The investors disapproved the model of the proposed shopping centre.

4. We did only a moderate amount of business today.

5. The new drug achieved some moderation of the pain.

6. His misrepresentation of the facts caused trouble.

7. After three missed he gave up trying to hit the target.

8. It is pouring and I have misplaced my umbrella.

9. I was misled by his respectable behavior. 10. The diplomat was sent on a mission of great secrecy.