Nouns and Pronouns Quiz

Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs or pronouns.

1. She is one of the best writers that ————- ever lived.

a) has
b) have

2. Tyranny is one of those evils which ————- to perpetuate ————
a) tends; itself
b) tend; themselves

3. You are not the first man that ————- been deceived by appearances.

a) has
b) have

4. One of his many good traits that ————- to my mind is his modesty.

a) come
b) comes

5. Treasure Island is one of the best pirate stories that ——— ever written.

a) was
b) were

6. This is one of the songs that ————- most popular among youngsters.

a) is
b) are

7. This is the only one of his stories that ————— worth reading.

a) is
b) are

8. There is really no difference between you and —————

a) he
b) him

9. I am not one of those who believe everything ————— hear.

a) I
b) they

10. There is Mr Samuel ————- they say is the best painter in the town.

a) who
b) whom


1. have
2. tend; themselves
3. has
4. come
5. were
6. are
7. is
8. him (After a preposition (between) we use a pronoun in the object form.)
9. they
10.who (Here we use who because it is the subject of the relative clause ‘who is the best painter in the town’.)