Passive Voice Exercise

1. He was surrounded by evil advisors. (Start with evil advisors)

2. People all over the world speak English. (Start with English)

3. They have made a mistake in counting the votes. (Start with a mistake)

4. The police have arrested the thief. (Start with the thief)

5. People respect honesty all over the world. (Start with honesty)

6. He wrote the book last year. (Start with the book)

7. They are building a house. (Start with a house)

8. Some boys were helping the injured cat. (Start with the injured cat)

9. They bought her a new bicycle. (Start with a new bicycle)

10. In India people speak many languages. (Start with many languages)


1. Evil advisors surrounded him.

2. English is spoken all over the world.

3. A mistake was made in counting the votes.

4. The thief has been arrested by the police.

5. Honesty is respected all over the world.

6. The book was written last year.

7. A house is being built by them.

8. The injured cat was being helped by some boys.

9. A new bicycle was bought for her.

10. Many languages are spoken in India.