Passive Voice Exercise

Change into passive voice

1. People speak English all over the world.

2. The teachers and students are watching the show.

3. People respect virtue all over the world.

4. The police have arrested the thief.

5. He wrote the book last year.

6. Some students were helping the wounded man.

7. Our team will certainly win the match.

8. They haven’t announced the results yet.

9. Somebody asked him to wait.

10. The students are to write the answers on both sides of the paper.

11. I have always admired his integrity.

12. Sam is painting the house.


1. English is spoken all over the world.

2. The show is being watched by the teachers and students.

3. Virtue is respected all over the world.

5. The book was written by him last year.

6. The wounded man was being helped by some students.

7. The match will certainly be won by our team.

8. The results have not been announced yet.

9. He was asked to wait.

10. The answers are to be written on both sides of the paper.

11. His integrity has always been admired by me.

12. The house is being painted by Sam.