Phrasal Verbs Quiz V

Fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs

1.    The police ——————— the violent mob.

a)    Broke up
b)    Broke down
c)    Broke with
d)    Broke in

2.    Epidemic has ———————— in the city.

a)    Broken out
b)    Broken up
c)    Broken down
d)    Broken in

3.    The robbers ———————— the shop and looted it.

a)    Broke into
b)    Broke off
c)    Broke away
d)    Broke down

4.    His addiction to drinking ——————– his ruin.

a)    Brought about
b)    Brought in
c)    Brought out
d)    Brought off

5.    I can’t ——————- past events.

a)    Call on
b)    Call up
c)    Call off
d)    Call for

6.    Adversity ——————- the best qualities in man.

a)    Calls forth
b)    Calls in
c)    Calls out
d)    Calls on

7.    I will gladly ———————- your instructions.

a)    Carry out
b)    Carry off
c)    Carry on
d)    Carry of

8.    His proposal does ——————–

a)    Carry the day
b)    Carry weight
c)    Carry on
d)    Carry down

9.    The heiress will claim her property when she ——————- age.

a)    Comes of
b)    Comes off
c)    Comes about
d)    Comes by

10.    The tiger ———————- the deer from the herd and pounced on it.

a)    Cut off
b)    Cut up
c)    Cut out
d)    Cut in

11.    Leave the children alone for a minute and they will ——————-

a)    Fall off
b)    Fall out
c)    Fall through
d)    Fall in

12.    The project ———————- for want of funding.

a)    Fell out
b)    Fell through
c)    Fell upon
d)    Fell off

13.    The demand for gold never ———————

a)    Falls out
b)    Falls off
c)    Falls through
d)    Falls upon

14.    The thirsty crow could not ——————- the water in the jug.

a)    Get at
b)    Get about
c)    Get off
d)    Get down

15.    How are you ———————- with your studies?

a)    Getting off
b)    Getting on
c)    Getting over
d)    Getting up


1.    Broke up (disperse)
2.    Broken out (appear suddenly)
3.    Broke into (enter by force)
4.    Brought about (cause to happen)
5.    Call up (recollect)
6.    Calls forth (bring out)
7.    Carry out (execute)
8.    Carry weight
9.    Comes of
10.    Cut out (separate)
11.    Fall out (quarrel)
12.    Fell through (failed)
13.    Falls off (diminish)
14.    Get at (reach)
15.    Getting on (progressing)