Phrasal Verbs Quiz I

Fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs or idioms.

1.    He —————— my plan.

a)    Backed out
b)    Backed up
c)    Backed off
d)    Backed off

2.    We have —————- somebody to do the job.

a)    Disposed of
b)    Fixed upon
c)    Hit upon
d)    Bear out

3.    They are ——————-

a)    Well off
b)    Well of
c)    Well out
d)    Well on

4.    John ——————- the first prize in the quiz competition.

a)    Bore away
b)    Bore out
c)    Bore off
d)    Bore down

5.    At last the strikers ——————-

a)    Fell off
b)    Fell out
c)    Fell back
d)    Fell in

6.    The fire ——————- a dense smoke.

a)    Gave off
b)    Gave up
c)    Gave in
d)    Gave out

7.    The speaker ———————— in the middle of his speech.

a)    Broke off
b)    Broke in
c)    Broke with
d)    Broke into

8.    All the eyes were on him because he was the only person who could ———————- the impending disaster.

a)    Stick out
b)    Stave off
c)    Turn off
d)    Put off

9.    The new leader has been able to ———————- all opposition.

a)    Bear off
b)    Bear down
c)    Bear out
d)    Bear away

10.    The rope ————————- while they were hauling up the pillar.

a)    Gave in
b)    Gave way
c)    Gave off
d)    Gave out

11.    When will the meeting ————————

a)    Come out
b)    Come on
c)    Come off
d)    Come by

12.    Many persons were ———————- by Cholera.

a)    Carried away
b)    Carried off
c)    Carried out
d)    Carried on

13.    I have ——————— a good plan to get rid of him.

a)    Hit out
b)    Hit upon
c)    Come out
d)    Hit on

14.    I don’t know how these things ———————–

a)    Came about
b)    Came out
c)    Came off
d)    Came on

15.    This letter ———————— his involvement in the case.

a)    Bears off
b)    Bears out
c)    Bears away
d)    Bears down


1.    Backed up (supported)
2.    Fixed upon (chose)
3.    Well off (in comfortable circumstances)
4.    Bore away (won)
5.    Fell back (retreated, yielded)
6.    Gave off (emitted)
7.    Broke off (stopped suddenly)
8.    Stave off(prevent, avert)
9.    Bear down (overthrow, crush)
10.    Gave way (broke, snapped)
11.    Come off (take place)
12.    Carried off (killed)
13.    Hit upon (found)
14.    Came about (happened)
15.    Bears out (confirms)