Phrasal Verbs Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrasal verbs.

1. He ————— an air of dignity.

a) puts on
b) puts off
c) puts down
d) puts out

2. His friends were present at the station to ————- him ——–

a) see off
b) see through
c) see into
d) see at

3. He has —————- his resignation letter.

a) put on
b) put in
c) put off
d) put out

4. You cannot always ————– appearances.

a) go by
b) go into
c) go upon
d) go off

5. She ————— talking.

a) kept on
b) kept off
c) kept up
d) kept back

6. Keats was————— in the prime of life.

a) cut off
b) cut down
c) cut for
d) cut up

7. He has ————– his examination.

a) got through
b) got off
c) got at
d) got down

8. The travelers were —————- by robbers.

a) held on
b) held up
c) held out
d) held over

9. During the cross-examination, he ———— himself ————

a) gave away
b) gave out
c) gave over
d) gave forth

10. The fire ————— a dense smoke.

a) gave in
b) gave off
c) gave of
d) gave up


1. puts on (assume)
2. see off
3. put in (send in)
4. go by (judge by)
5. kept on (continued)
6. cut off (died)
7. got through (passed)
8. held up (be stopped on the highway and robbed)
9. gave away (betrayed)
10. gave off (emitted)