Phrasal Verbs Quiz III

Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrasal verbs.

1.    He has ———————– a hardware store.

a)    Set in
b)    Set on
c)    Set up
d)    Set to

2.    I need to find someone to ——————— my notes in shorthand.

a)    Take for
b)    Take down
c)    Take off
d)    Take to

3.    ——————— your clothes.

a)    Take off
b)    Take in
c)    Take up
d)    Take to

4.    I have ——————- stamp collecting as a hobby.

a)    Taken up
b)    Took up
c)    Taken to
d)    Took to

5.    He ——————– the string ——————- a snake.

a)    Took in
b)    Took for
c)    Took down
d)    Took after

6.    She ———————– my request to lend me some money.

a)    Turned in
b)    Turned on
c)    Turned down
d)    Turned off

7.    The whole village ——————— to welcome us.

a)    Turned off
b)    Turned out
c)    Turned in
d)    Turned down

8.    Last night a thief ———————- our house.

a)    Broke into
b)    Broke out
c)    Broke down
d)    Broke open

9.    It came to such a pass that the two students ———————–

a)    Came to rescue
b)    Came to blows
c)    Came to beats
d)    Came to grief

10.    I can no longer ————————- his arrogance; he must be dismissed.

a)    Put up
b)    Put up with
c)    Put out
d)    Put to

11.    We all must ———————– some money against the rainy day.

a)    Put down
b)    Put by
c)    Put off
d)    Put on

12.    The revolt was quickly —————————

a)    Put off
b)    Put down
c)    Put in
d)    Put off

13.    Nurses ——————– sick people in hospitals.

a)    Look for
b)    Look after
c)    Look into
d)    Look up

14.    I am ———————– my keys.

a)    Looking for
b)    Looking after
c)    Looking into
d)    Looking down

15.    He is ———————– with flu.

a)    Laid out
b)    Laid up
c)    Laid on
d)    Laid by


1.    Set up (establish)
2.    Take down (write)
3.    Take off (remove)
4.    Taken up (begin)
5.    Took for (believe mistakenly)
6.    Turned down (refuse)
7.    Turned out (arrive for some event)
8.    Broke into (enter by force)
9.    Came to blows
10.    Put up with (tolerate)
11.    Put by (lay aside)
12.    Put down (suppress)
13.    Look after (take care of)
14.    Looking for (searching for)
15.    Laid up (be confined to bed)