Phrasal Verbs Quiz IV

Fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs.

1.    I can’t ——————– what he means.

a)    Make up
b)    Make out
c)    Make for
d)    Make over

2.    The two brothers shook hands and ——————– it —————–

a)    Made, up
b)    Made, out
c)    Made, after
d)    Made, in

3.    The leopard seized the calf and ————————- with it into the thicket.

a)    Made off
b)    Made out
c)    Made over
d)    Made by

4.    Please ———————- the matter carefully.

a)    Look after
b)    Look into
c)    Look at
d)    Look out

5.    Though the policeman ——————— the thief, he couldn’t catch him.

a)    Made for
b)    Made after
c)    Made away with
d)    Made off

6.    When you hear an unfamiliar word you must ——————- it ——————– in the dictionary.

a)    Look, up
b)    Look, down
c)    Look, for
d)    Look, out

7.    We should never —————— appearances.

a)    Go down
b)    Go up
c)    Go by
d)    Go in for

8.    The gun ———————- all of a sudden.

a)    Went off
b)    Went for
c)    Went out
d)    Went on

9.    We shall never ——————— the poor.

a)    Look down upon
b)    Look out for
c)    Look on as
d)    Look up

10.    Hearing a loud noise, we —————– for the scene of occurrence.

a)    Made over
b)    Made straight
c)    Make up
d)    Make off

11.    He ——————— at 10 am.

a)    Passed off
b)    Passed away
c)    Passed by
d)    Passed through

12.    A mother should never ——————– the shortcomings of her children.

a)    Pass off
b)    Pass by
c)    Pass over
d)    Pass for

13.    He ———————– a very learned man.

a)    Passes for
b)    Passes by
c)    Passes after
d)    Passes off

14.    The meeting of the strikers ——————— quietly.

a)    Passed off
b)    Passed through
c)    Passed away
d)    Passed by

15.    The hearing has been ———————- till tomorrow.

a)    Put off
b)    Put down
c)    Put on
d)    Put up


1.    Make out (figure out, understand)
2.    Made, up (recon
3.    Made off (carry away)
4.    Look into (examine, investigate)
5.    Made after (ran after)
6.    Look, up (find the meaning of)
7.    Go by (judge by)
8.    Went off (fire)
9.    Look down upon (despise, show contempt)
10.    Made straight (go directly towards)
11.    Passed away (die)
12.    Pass by (overlook)
13.    Passes for (be regarded as)
14.    Passed off (took place)
15.    Put off (postpone)