Phrasal Verbs Quiz

Fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs

1.    Oliver was always ——————— his brother Orlando.
a)    Running into
b)    Running down
c)    Running after
d)    Running over.
2.    She was ——————— by a bus while going to the market.
a)    Ran over
b)    Ran after
c)    Ran down
d)    Ran at
3.    I went to ——————— my friend at the railway station.
a)    See off
b)    See through
c)    See at
d)    Set off
4.    We must get the roof repaired before the rains ———————-
a)    Set in
b)    Set out
c)    Set on
d)    Set off
5.    The principal ——————— an explanation from the students for their conduct.
a)    Called on
b)    Called in
c)    Called for
d)    Called out
6.    On my way back home I ————————– an old friend of mine.
a)    Came across
b)    Came after
c)    Came off
d)    Came into
7.    Keats was ——————— in the prime of life.
a)    Cut off
b)    Cut up
c)    Cut in
d)    Cut down
8.    As night ———————-, we quickened our pace.
a)    Drew up
b)    Drew on
c)    Drew back
d)    Drew in
9.    The roof ——————– the rains.
a)    Fell in
b)    Fell on
c)    Fell off
d)    Fell upon
10.    The police ———————– the thieves and beat them up.
a)    Fell upon
b)    Fell in
c)    Fell off
d)    Fell in


1.    Running down (speak ill of)
2.    Ran over (crush)
3.    See off

4.    Set in (start)
5.    Called for (demanded)
6.    Came across (meet)
7.    Cut off (die)
8.    Drew on (approach)
9.    Fell in (collapse)
10.    Fell upon (attack)