Prepositional Phrases Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositional phrases

1.    He won the first rank ———————– hard work.

a)    By dint of
b)    By way of
c)    By force of
d)    By virtue of

2.    He acted ——————– my instructions.

a)    According to
b)    Accordingly
c)    Accordance to
d)    In accordance to

3.    The boatman saved the child ———————- his own life.

a)    At the mercy of
b)    At the risk of
c)    By dint of
d)    By means of

4.    He called out to me ——————— his voice.

a)    At the top of
b)    At top of
c)    At the top
d)    On top of

5.    His claims are ———————– the facts.

a)    In variance with
b)    At variance with
c)    At variance in
d)    At variance on

6.    I could not attend the function ——————– my wife’s illness.

a)    Because of
b)    Because
c)    By virtue of
d)    By dint of

7.    The plants died ——————— water.

a)    From want of
b)    From want off
c)    To want of
d)    From want to

8.    I have always acted ——————— the instructions given to me.

a)    In accordance with
b)    In according to
c)    In accordance on
d)    In accordance from

9.    ——————– his death, his son will succeed him as a member of the director board.

a)    At the event of
b)    In the event of
c)    In event of
d)    In the case of

10.    What do you have to say ——————– your conduct?

a)    In defence of
b)    With defence of
c)    In defence
d)    In defence off

11.    All of us are ———————- the proposition.

a)    In favor of
b)    In favor off
c)    In favor
d)    With favor of

12.    An old beggar was seeing standing ———————- the temple gate.

a)    In front of
b)    In front off
c)    At the front of
d)    At front of

13.    My school is situated ———————– the city.

a)    In heart of
b)    In the heart of
c)    In the heart off
d)    In heart off

14.    ———————– his hard work, he could not pass the examination.

a)    In spite of
b)    In spite off
c)    In spite
d)    Despite of

15.    I would like to thank the Chief Guest ———————- the members of this club.

a)    In behalf
b)    On behalf
c)    On behalf of
d)    With behalf of

1.    By dint of
2.    According to
3.    At the risk of
4.    At the top of
5.    At variance with
6.    Because of
7.    From want of
8.    In accordance with
9.    In the event of
10.    In defence of
11.    In favor of
12.    In front of
13.    In the heart of
14.    In spite of
15.    On behalf of