Prepositional Phrases Quiz II

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositional phrases.

1.    The new chapter ———————- page 60.

a)    Begins on
b)    Begins at
c)    Begins with
d)    Begins after

2.    Let’s ——————— the first lesson.

a)    Begin with
b)    Begin at
c)    Begin in
d)    Begin after

3.    Do you ——————— God?

a)    Believe on
b)    Believe in
c)    Believe for
d)    Believe with

4.    That boy is ———————- mischief.

a)    Bent on
b)    Bent of
c)    Bend with
d)    Bend after

5.    He is ———————– one eye.

a)    Blind at
b)    Blind with
c)    Blind in
d)    Blind on

6.    The indulgent parents are ——————– the shortcomings of their only son.

a)    Blind in
b)    Blind to
c)    Blind with
d)    Blind of

7.    Robert Burns was ———————- poor but wise parents.

a)    Born with
b)    Born of
c)    Born after
d)    Born for

8.    A son is ——————— her.

a)    Born for
b)    Born to
c)    Born with
d)    Born in

9.    Othello was ——————— the murder of his wife Desdemona.

a)    Charged of
b)    Charged at
c)    Charged after
d)    Charged with

10.    Love is often ———————– madness.

a)    Compared for
b)    Compared in
c)    Compared to
d)    Compared on

11.    He intends to ——————- Peter for the price in the slow cycle race.

a)    Compete at
b)    Compete on
c)    Compete with
d)    Compete in

12.    He ——————- pain in the stomach.

a)    Complained of
b)    Complained against
c)    Complained with
d)    Complained to

13.    There has been several ———————– the new warden.

a)    Complaints to
b)    Complaints against
c)    Complaints for
d)    Complaints with

14.    I have no ——————– his ability to solve the problem.

a)    Confidence after
b)    Confidence on
c)    Confidence in
d)    Confidence with

15.    The magistrate ——————- the accused ————— theft.

a)    Convicted with
b)    Convicted of
c)    Convicted for
d)    Convicted on


1.    Begins at
2.    Begin with
3.    Believe in
4.    Bent on
5.    Blind in
6.    Blind to
7.    Born of
8.    Born to
9.    Charged with
10.    Compared to
11.    Compete with
12.    Complained of
13.    Complaints against
14.    Confidence in
15.    Convicted of