Prepositional Phrases Quiz II

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositional phrases

1.    She was ———————– of tears.

a)    At the verge
b)    On the verge
c)    In the verge
d)    Above the verge

2.    ———————- the weather everything was fine.

a)    With the exception of
b)    At the exception of
c)    With exception of
d)    On the exception of

3.    ——————— John, everyone was present.

a)    Except in
b)    Except for
c)    Except of
d)    Except with

4.    I was ——————– leaving when she arrived.

a)    On the point of
b)    With the point of
c)    In the point of
d)    On point of

5.    ——————– you don’t get the job, do you have a backup plan?

a)    In case
b)    In the case
c)    On case
d)    In the case of

6.    ——————— his untimely death, we will have to elect another chairman.

a)    In event
b)    In the event of
c)    In event of
d)    In consequence of

7.    He started in the morning ———————- he would reach his destination by evening.

a)    In order to
b)    In order that
c)    In order
d)    In order for

8.    He returned home early ——————- help his wife in the kitchen.

a)    In order that
b)    In order to
c)    So that
d)    In order for

9.    I have nothing to say ——————- this matter.

a)    In regard to
b)    In regard of
c)    In regard with
d)    In regard

10.    We have a few questions ———————– to your application.

a)    With regard
b)    Regard
c)    In regard of
d)    As regard

11.    He went abroad ——————— a good job.

a)    In search of
b)    In search
c)    With search of
d)    With search to

12.    He started saving money ——————— going abroad for higher studies.

a)    With a view to
b)    With a view
c)    In a view to
d)    With a view on

13.    She was ——————- a nervous breakdown.

a)    At the brink
b)    On the brink of
c)    On brink of
d)    In the brink of

14.    There was no fault ——————— the servant.

a)    On the part of
b)    In the part of
c)    With the part of
d)    On the part

15.    He broke his leg ——————– his carelessness.

a)    On account
b)    Owing to
c)    With regard to
d)    Owing to the


1.    On the verge
2.    With the exception of
3.    Except for
4.    On the point of
5.    In case
6.    In the event of
7.    In order that
8.    In order to
9.    In regard to
10.    With regard
11.    In search of
12.    With a view to
13.    On the brink of
14.    On the part of
15.    Owing to