Prepositional Phrases Quiz

1.    He ——————– diamonds.

a)    Deals in
b)    Deals with
c)    Deals after
d)    Deals for

2.    Marketing executives should know how to ———————– prospective customers.

a)    Deal with
b)    Deal in
c)    Deal at
d)    Deal after

3.    He is ———————— going abroad for higher studies.

a)    Desirous for
b)    Desirous of
c)    Desirous after
d)    Desirous on

4.    You can’t ———————- me —————— my due share.

a)    Deprive of
b)    Deprive in
c)    Deprive to
d)    Deprive off

5.    She is ——————— all sense of decency.

a)    Devoid in
b)    Devoid at
c)    Devoid of
d)    Devoid for

6.    Slate is ———————- other metals in many ways.

a)    Different in
b)    Different from
c)    Different with
d)    Different at

7.    I intend to ———————- his services.

a)    Dispense with
b)    Dispense in
c)    Dispense for
d)    Dispense on

8.    I can’t give you this job, you are not ——————— it.

a)    Eligible for
b)    Eligible at
c)    Eligible in
d)    Eligible on

9.    He is ———————– a good sense of humor.

a)    Endowed in
b)    Endowed with
c)    Endowed on
d)    Endowed at

10.    My daughter is ——————— his son.

a)    Engaged with
b)    Engaged to
c)    Engaged in
d)    Engaged on

11.    He is ———————- his brother’s success.

a)    Envious in
b)    Envious of
c)    Envious at
d)    Envious with

12.    The convict has ——————— the prison.

a)    Escaped in
b)    Escaped at
c)    Escaped from
d)    Escaped on

13.    My sister —————— me ——————– painting.

a)    Excels with
b)    Excels after
c)    Excels in
d)    Excels on

14.    A dog is very ———————- its master.

a)    Faithful with
b)    Faithful for
c)    Faithful to
d)    Faithful at

15.    Thomas Hardy is ———————- his Wessex novels.

a)    Famous at
b)    Famous for
c)    Famous with
d)    Famous in


1.    Deals in
2.    Deal with
3.    Desirous of
4.    Deprive of
5.    Devoid of
6.    Different from
7.    Dispense with
8.    Eligible for
9.    Endowed with
10.    Engaged with
11.    Envious of
12.    Escaped from
13.    Excels in
14.    Faithful to
15.    Famous for