Prepositions Quiz V

Some words are followed by particular prepositions. Test your knowledge of the common word combinations involving prepositions.

1.    He was ———————– rich and aristocratic parents.

a)    Born of
b)    Born at
c)    Born for
d)    Born with

2.    She ——————— be very intelligent.

a)    Appears to
b)    Appears of
c)    Appears in
d)    Appears at

3.    I have achieved all that I ——————–

a)    Aimed at
b)    Aimed in
c)    Aimed for
d)    Aimed with

4.    During his speech he ——————- to a story in the Hindu mythology.

a)    Alluded to
b)    Alluded at
c)    Alluded from
d)    Alluded in

5.    Alice has an ——————— singing.

a)    Aptitude for
b)    Aptitude in
c)    Aptitude of
d)    Aptitude at

6.    You must be ———————- self-seeking politicians and god-men.

a)    Aware of
b)    Aware at
c)    Aware with
d)    Aware from

7.    The ship is —————— London.

a)    Bound for
b)    Bound at
c)    Bound in
d)    Bound with

8.    On the way back home I ——————- an old friend of mine.

a)    Came to
b)    Came at
c)    Came across
d)    Came in

9.    He suddenly ———————- chest pain.

a)    Complained of
b)    Complained about
c)    Complained with
d)    Complained after

10.    We have ——————– the highhandedness of our land lord.

a)    Complained with
b)    Complained against
c)    Complained of
d)    Complained after

11.    The honor was ——————— at the function.

a)    Conferred on
b)    Conferred with
c)    Conferred at
d)    Conferred after

12.    The discussion should be ——————– the subject proper.

a)    Confined at
b)    Confined in
c)    Confined to
d)    Confined with

13.    I am fully ——————— my responsibilities as a wife and a mother.

a)    Conscious of
b)    Conscious at
c)    Conscious in
d)    Conscious after

14.    ———————– our expectations, she decided to marry an old man.

a)    Contrary to
b)    Contrary with
c)    Contrary at
d)    Contrary of

15.    I congratulated him ——————– his success in the examination.

a)    On
b)    At
c)    With
d)    For


1.    Born of
2.    Appears to
3.    Aimed at
4.    Alluded to
5.    Aptitude for
6.    Aware of
7.    Bound for
8.    Came across
9.    Complained of
10.    Complained against
11.    Conferred on
12.    Confined to
13.    Conscious of
14.    Contrary to
15.    On