Prepositions Quiz IV

Some words are followed by particular prepositions. Test your knowledge of the common word combinations involving prepositions.

1.    I was ——————– her stupendous ignorance.

a)    Amazed at
b)    Amazed in
c)    Amazed with
d)    Amazed from

2.    She is ———————- hear from her son in the US.

a)    Anxious to
b)    Anxious at
c)    Anxious on
d)    Anxious of

3.    I am ——————– his health.

a)    Anxious about
b)    Anxious to
c)    Anxious at
d)    Anxious from

4.    He has ——————— her for his indecent behavior.

a)    Apologized at
b)    Apologized with
c)    Apologized to
d)    Apologized from

5.    He is rather ———————- his studies.

a)    Backward with
b)    Backward to
c)    Backward at
d)    Backward in

6.    He is a guy you can always ——————–

a)    Bank on
b)    Bank in
c)    Bank at
d)    Bank from

7.    It is foolish to ———————- past failures.

a)    Brood over
b)    Brood at

c)    Brood in

d)    Brood from

8.    During his reign, the Emperor ——————- many reforms.

a)    Brought about
b)    Brought out
c)    Brought up
d)    Brought in

9.    After the death of his parents, he was —————– by his grandmother.

a)    Brought up
b)    Brought in
c)    Brought with
d)    Brought about

10.    Of late he has been very ——————- his projects.

a)    Busy in
b)    Busy with
c)    Busy on
d)    Busy at

11.    The manager has ———————- an explanation from the union leaders who are behind the strike.

a)    Called in
b)    Called for
c)    Called on
d)    Called about

12.    We made a few ——————– the way home.

a)    Calls on
b)    Calls in
c)    Calls at
d)    Calls for

13.    There was no ——————— his resignation.

a)    Call for
b)    Call on
c)    Call at
d)    Call in

14.    He didn’t ——————— her objections and decided to go ahead with his plans.

a)    Care for
b)    Care of
c)    Care on
d)    Care with

15.    He was ———————- the murder of his close friend.

a)    Charged of
b)    Charged at
c)    Charged with
d)    Charged from


1.    Amazed at
2.    Anxious to
3.    Anxious about
4.    Apologized to
5.    Backward in
6.    Bank on
7.    Brood over
8.    Brought about
9.    Brought up
10.    Busy with
11.    Called for
12.    Calls on
13.    Call for
14.    Care for
15.    Charged with