Present Tense Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with suitable present tense forms.

1.    They ————————- for Sydney tomorrow.

a)    Are leave
b)    Are leaving
c)    Leaving
d)    Have left

2.    She ———————— the present.

a)    Received
b)    Has received
c)    Has receiving
d)    Will receive

3.    I ———————— about his sincerity.

a)    Was convinced
b)    Am convinced
c)    Am convincing
d)    Have convincing

4.    The earth ———————– around the sun.

a)    Move
b)    Moves
c)    Moved
d)    Was moving

5.    She ———————- about his safety.

a)    Worried
b)    Is worried
c)    Has worrying
d)    Worrying

6.    I ———————- him for a long time.

a)    Am known
b)    Have known
c)    Am knowing
d)    Knew

7.    We ———————- them for several months.

a)    Haven’t seen
b)    Hadn’t seen
c)    Didn’t see
d)    Don’t see

8.    I ——————– of going to Singapore.

a)    Think
b)    Am thinking
c)    Have thinking
d)    Was thinking

9.    When does the train ——————–?

a)    Leave
b)    Leaving
c)    Leaves
d)    Is leaving

10.    I —————- something burning.

a)    Smell
b)    Am smelling
c)    Have smelling
d)    Was smelling

11.    She ————————- unconscious since morning.

a)    Is
b)    Has
c)    Has been
d)    Was

12.    These grapes ———————- sour.

a)    Tasted
b)    Taste
c)    Are tasting
d)    Have tasted

13.    I ———————— he is wrong.

a)    Am thinking
b)    Think
c)    Thinks
d)    Was thinking

14.    He ———————- a lot of work to do.

a)    Is having
b)    Was having
c)    Has
d)    Have

15.    I will wait till you ———————- your lunch.

a)    Finish
b)    Finished
c)    Will finish
d)    Would finish


1.    Are leaving
2.    Has received
3.    Am convinced
4.    Moves
5.    Is worried
6.    Have known
7.    Haven’t seen
8.    Am thinking
9.    Leave
10.    Smell
11.    Has been
12.    Taste
13.    Think
14.    Has
15.    Finish