Make questions

Change the following sentences into questions.

1. He has been waiting here since morning.

2. She said nothing.

3. He wants to leave.

4. She will not permit this.

5. They have finished fixing the roof.

6. The dog barked when it saw the stranger.

7. They had left before I reached.

8. He earns a six figure salary.

9. They were going to the movies.

10. She behaved rather arrogantly.

11. He left in a hurry.

12. The teacher praised the boy.

13. We cannot depend on him.

14. The earth moves round the sun.

15. She enjoys singing and dancing.


1. Has he been waiting here since morning?

2. Did she say anything?

3. Does he want to leave?

4. Will she permit this?

5. Have they finished fixing the roof?

6. Did the dog bark when it saw the stranger?

7. Had they left before you reached?

8. Does he earn a six figure salary?

9. Were they going to the movies?

10. Did she behave rather arrogantly?

11. Did he leave in a hurry?

12. Did the teacher praise the boy?

13. Can we depend on him?

14. Does the earth move round the sun?

15. Does she enjoy singing and dancing?