Reported Speech

Convert the following sentences into indirect speech.

1. Jayan said to Leela, ‘I will meet you tomorrow.’

2. Kiran said, ‘I will go.’

3. Aparna says, ‘My father is a doctor.’

4. Rahul said, ‘I want to fly kites.’

5. Sonia said, ‘I can speak English.’

6. Varun said to Mary, ‘I am ready to accept the truth.’

7. James said, ‘I am learning my lessons.’

8. Dad said, ‘I’m going to office.’

9. Manu said, ‘We are waiting for the bus.’

10. The child said, ‘The dog is barking.’

11. The teacher said, ‘You have to submit your assignment tomorrow.’

12. Mother says, ‘All that glitters is not gold.’


1. Jayan told Leela that he would meet her the next day.

 2. Kiran said that she would go.

3. Aparna says that her father is a doctor.

4. Rahul said that he wanted to fly kites.

5. Sonia said that she could speak English.

6. Varun told Mary that he was ready to accept the truth.

7. James said that he was learning his lessons.

8. Dad said that he was going to office.

9. Manu said that they were waiting for the bus.

10. The child said that the dog was barking.

11. The teacher said that I had to submit your assignment the next day.

12. Mother says that all that glitters is not gold.’