Rewrite as directed

Rewrite the following sentences as directed. An example is given below.

You are the only person who loves me. (Rewrite using No one)

No one other than you loves me. OR No one besides you loves me.


1. That was a horrible experience. (Rewrite using What a…)

2. The train arrived as soon as we reached the station. (Rewrite using hardly…when…)

3. He was so weak that he could not walk. (Rewrite using too…to…)

4. She is too polite to refuse. (Rewrite using so…that…)

5. As soon as the tiger appeared, the hunter shot it down. (Rewrite using No sooner ….than…)

6. Though he was young he fought valiantly. (Rewrite the sentence so that it begins with Young as…)

7. Not only Peter but Jack also got a prize. (Rewrite using as well as.)

8. If you do not obey my orders you will be dismissed. (Rewrite using unless.)

9. I opened the door but I saw nothing. (Rewrite using anything.)


1. What a horrible experience it was!

2. We had hardly reached the train when the train arrived.

3. He was too weak to walk.

4. She is so polite that she will not refuse.

5. No sooner did the tiger appear than the hunter shot it down.

6. Young as he was, he fought valiantly.

7. Peter as well as Jack got a prize.

8. Unless you obey my orders you will be dismissed.

9. I opened the door but I didn’t see anything. (Nothing means ‘not anything’.)