Sentence Completion

Complete the following sentences with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. It will not be —————– on your part to reject this proposal.

a) judicial
b) judicious
c) mannerly
d) proper

2. An —————- man, he is always known for making clever plans.

a) ingenuous
b) ingenious
c) ignorant
d) indigenous

3. I ——————– that my servant has stolen my wrist-watch.

a) suspect
b) think
c) doubt
d) expect

4. The health ministry spokesman said that —————- measures have been taken against the spread of the epidemic.

a) efficient
b) effective
c) effectual
d) efficacious

5. It isn’t difficult to cheat —————– people.

a) shrewd
b) credible
c) credulous
d) creditable

6. Let us ————— with the work in hand without any further delay.

a) prescribe
b) precede
c) proceed
d) prove

7. The Satanic Verses has been —————— in India.

a) prescribed
b) proscribed
c) prevented
d) removed

8. People hate him for his —————– ways.

a) imperial
b) impervious
c) regal
d) royal

9. What we need is a ——————– solution to the problem.

a) practical
b) practicable
c) theoretical
d) general

10. An —————– carpenter will not take more than ten hours to make this piece of furniture.

a) expedient
b) expeditious
c) illustrious
d) renowned

11. While traveling you will have to —————- the comforts of the home.

a) forego
b) forgo
c) bring
d) Take

12. The government has decided to open an —————— training institute in every town.

a) industrious
b) industrial
c) industry
d) none of these

13. Henry is hated for his —————- ways.

a) womanish
b) womanly
c) manly
d) mannish


1. judicious
2. ingenious
3. suspect
4. effective
5. credulous
6. proceed
7. proscribed
8. impervious
9. practicable
10. expeditious
11. forgo
12. industrial
13. womanish