Sentence Completion Exercise

Complete the following sentences.

1. Success cannot ————– one who mentally and physically associates oneself with the project in hand.

a) elude
b) escape
c) distract
d) evasive

2. Smooth complexioned with shining eyes, she had a radiant appearance which at once ——————- every body.

a) inspired
b) impressed
c) pleased
d) antagonized

3. Parents should —————— on their children that education is the most important qualification they need in life.

a) realize
b) understand
c) impress
d) teach

4. Through decades there have been a public ——————- against corruption, administrative inefficiency and unresponsiveness.

a) response
b) outcry
c) protest
d) agitation

5. The disenchantment of women with post independence development scenario is justified since developmental progress has failed to —————— women and continue to serve the ends of patriarchy.

a) associate
b) incorporate
c) assimilate
d) none of these

6. Sometimes when two is a company, three can be a —————-

a) crowd
b) nuisance
c) hell
d) bore

7. All of us should understand that crime never —————

a) helps
b) pays
c) works
d) matters

8. Sometimes success is just a matter of your ability to hang ———-

a) out
b) about
c) in
d) on

9. All of us want the people of the country to be a disciplined lot, but have we ever spared a minute to give the ——————- lessons of discipline to our kids?

a) elementary
b) complex
b) important
d) significant

10. Few —————– are ever successful in life; the tough competitive world demands an exactness, a precision and an ability to outshine others.

a) Johns
b) Toms
c) Jacks
d) Peters


1. elude
2. impressed
3. impress
4. outcry
5. incorporate
6. crowd
7. pays
8. on
9. elementary
10. Jacks