Sentence Completion Exercise

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

11. The jury decided to acquit the accused as the photographs ————— the verbal account and proved his innocence.

a) Revealed
b) Corroborated
c) Betrayed
d) Disclosed

2. His argument that globalization only aggravates poverty does not —————– with the established facts.

a) comport
b) convince
c) approve
d) accept

3. Twelve years of effort and struggle were —————–when the foundation stone for the new theater was laid.

a) Finished
b) Finalized
c) Consummated
d) Approved

4. I don’t think it will be possible for us to live in this world if each of us ———— exactly what fate had in —————– for him.

a) follow, plan
b) appreciate, strategy
c) knew, store
d) visualize, hidden

5. People who have failed in most aspects of life often end up —————- pessimistic views

a) Evolving
b) Projecting
c) Lamenting
d) Following

6. She was —————— the lack of funding for her project.

a) Lamenting
b) Digesting
c) Criticizing
d) Condemning

7. Although his writings are greatly influenced by those of his contemporaries, they nevertheless also show display a —————- degree of originality.

a) Concise
b) Marked
c) Relative
d) Limited

8. Despite the —————- and difficulty of his style, a careful reading of his books is seldom —————–

a) Novelty, useful
b) Originality, unreliable
c) Complexity, unprofitable
d) Creativity, durable

9. It is the —————– of selfishness in man to deny the advantages of good education to women.

a) Height
b) Degree
c) Level
d) Advance

10. This essay is an excellent example of the writer’s repeated attempts to ————— the vast ocean of philosophy.

a) Explore
b) Fortify
c) Augment
d) Delimit


1. corroborated
2. comport
3. consummated
4. knew, store
5. projecting
6. lamenting
7. marked
8. complexity, unprofitable
9. height
10. explore