Sentence correction exercise

Each sentence given below contains a mistake which is in one of the underlined words or phrases. Find out that word / phrase that contains the error.

1. Besides alcohol, fermentation creates many other by-products which may or may not be desirable and as a winemaker has to guide the fermentation process to achieve the desired taste.

a) besides

b) may or may not be

c) and as

d) to achieve

2. It is not enough to be able to speak and understand English when you come to the US; you should also need to be able to interpret the messages it is contained within the signs and symbols.

a) enough to be

b) to be able to

c) it is contained

d) signs

3. The air circulating around the eye of a hurricane moves in a counterclockwise direction in the northern hemisphere where in the southern hemisphere it spins clockwise.

a) circulating

b) moves

c) where

d) spins

4. A tornado’s eye is composed of strong ascending and descending air currents that can lift up and destroy almost everything in its path.

a) is composed

b) air currents

c) everything

d) its

5. Though trains saw widespread use over the course of the 19th century, in the last hundred years has been a marked decline in the use of railroads in the United States.

a) though

b) over

c) has been

d) in


1. and as (The correct expression is ‘and as such’.)

2. it is contained (It must be replaced by contained.)

3. where (It must be replaced by whereas.)

4. its (It must be replaced by their because this pronoun refers back to the plural noun air currents.)

5. has been (It must be replaced by ‘there has been’.)