Sentence improvement exercise

A part of the sentence is underlined. The underlined part may or may not contain an error. From the given alternatives, choose the one that will improve the sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, choose ‘No improvement’ as your answer.
An example is given below.

1. Never I have seen such a mess.

a) have I seen
b) I saw
c) did I see
d) No improvement

Answer: a)

The sentence should read: Never have I seen such a mess.

When a negative word goes at the beginning of a sentence we use an inverted word order. That means the auxiliary verb goes before the subject.


1. Not only they need clothing, but they are also short of food.
a) Not only they needed
b) Not only do they need
c) Not only did they need
d) No improvement
Answer: b)

The sentence should read: Not only do they need clothing, but they are also short of food.
When ‘not only’ comes at the beginning of the sentence we use an inverted word order.

2. The ground was wet outside when I got up in the morning. It had been raining all in the night.

A. rained all in
B. been raining all through
C. raining all in
D. No improvement

Answer: (b)

3. The Women’s Emancipation Bill was sent back to the Lok Sabha by the President for further examination.

A. further scrutiny
B. further reading
C. further perusal
D. No improvement

Answer: (a)

4. The Finance minister said that he would work for the impartial distribution of wealth.

A. equitable
B. just
C. fair
D. No improvement

Answer (a)