Sequence of tenses Quiz

Complete the following sentences using appropriate verb forms.

1. Send the letter today so that she ——————– it before Friday.

a) got
b) gets
c) would get
d) is getting

2. I am going to make an early start so that I ——————- get stuck in the traffic.

a) didn’t
b) won’t
c) shouldn’t
d) hadn’t

3. Ann talked to the shy girl so that she —————– feel left out.

a) won’t
b) wouldn’t
c) hadn’t
d) can’t

4. She is staying here for six months so that she ———————- perfect her English.

a) could
b) should
c) can

d) had

5. If I had gone to university, I —————— studied medicine.

a) would
b) would have
c) had
d) will have

6. I realized that we ——————- before.

a) had met
b) have met
c) met
d) would meet

7. My legs were stiff because I —————— still for a long time.

a) am standing
b) had been standing
c) have been standing
d) will be standing

8. As soon as I —————– the phone down it rang again.

a) had put
b) have put
c) would put
d) will put

9. If you —————– the ten o’clock train tomorrow you could be in Chicago by supper-time.

a) had caught
b) caught
c) would catch
d) have caught

10. They ——————– in France for well over six years now.

a) have been living
b) are living
c) had been living
d) had lived


1. b) gets (will get)
2. b) won’t (or don’t)
3. b) wouldn’t
4. c) can
5. b) would have
6. a) had met
7. b) had been standing
8. had put
9. b) caught
10. a) have been living