Sequence of Tenses Quiz I

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms.

1.    The teacher asked the boys if they ——————– the sums.

a)    Solved
b)    Had solved
c)    Solve
d)    Have solved

2.    Although they ———————, they did not lose heart.

a)    Defeated
b)    Were defeated
c)    Had defeated
d)    Have defeated

3.    Our teacher taught us that virtue ——————— its own reward.

a)    Is
b)    Was
c)    Were
d)    Has

4.    Our holy books tell us that man ——————- mortal.

a)    Is
b)    Was
c)    Were
d)    Has

5.    He spoke so fast that I ———————- understand anything.

a)    Could
b)    Could not
c)    Cannot
d)    Had not

6.    This is the house where John ———————-

a)    Lives
b)    Living
c)    Is lived
d)    Would lived

7.    He kept quiet that he ——————— please me.

a)    May
b)    Might
c)    Will
d)    Can

8.    Just as I ——————– the room, the bell rang.

a)    Entered
b)    Enter
c)    Will enter
d)    Would enter

9.    Who told you that cows ——————- on grass?

a)    Feed
b)    Was feeding
c)    Feeds
d)    Has fed

10.    His health has improved since he ——————– from the hills.

a)    Return
b)    Returned
c)    Would return
d)    Returning

11.    He declared that he ———————- it even if he saw it with his own eyes.

a)    Would not believe
b)    Believe
c)    Did not believe
d)    Had not believed

12.    If that man smoked less he ——————— develop cancer.

a)    Would not
b)    Had not
c)    Has not
d)    Will not


1.    Had solved
2.    Were defeated
3.    Is
4.    Is
5.    Could not
6.    Lives
7.    Might
8.    Entered
9.    Feed
10.    Returned
11.    Would not believe
12.    Would not