Tenses Exercise II

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb

1.    I ———————- the examination last year.

a)    Take
b)    Took
c)    Had taken
d)    Have taken

2.    It ——————-  two —————— a quarrel.

a)    Take, make
b)    Takes, to make
c)    Took, to make
d)    Took, made

3.    They ———————– slaves who fear ——————-

a)    Were, to speak
b)    Are, to speak
c)    Have, to speak
d)    None of these

4.    Why —————— you —————- him?

a)    Do, beat
b)    Did, beat
c)    Have, beat
d)    Had, beat

5.    The tomatoes ——————– when they ——————–

a)    Were picked, were ripe
b)    Were picked, are ripe
c)    Picked, ripe
d)    Were picked, had ripe

6.    The entire nation ——————— by the news of his assassination.

a)    Shocked
b)    Was shocked
c)    Had shocked
d)    Was shocking

7.    Many people ——————— in the riots.

a)    Killed
b)    Were killed
c)    Was killed
d)    Had killed

8.    The young woman ———————— alive for bringing insufficient dowry.

a)    Burned
b)    Was burnt
c)    Had burnt
d)    Have burnt

9.    Ice-cream ——————– served after dinner.

a)    Had
b)    Was
c)    Were
d)    Have

10.    The National Anthem ———————- after the function.

a)    Sang
b)    Was sung
c)    Sing
d)    Was sing

11.    The smugglers ——————– arrested.

a)    Have
b)    Has
c)    Were
d)    Had

12.    The witness —————— bribed and he gave wrong evidence.

a)    Was
b)    Have
c)    Had
d)    Has

13.    The sun —————– when we went out.

a)    Shone
b)    Is shining
c)    Was shining
d)    Had shone

14.    My servant —————— me two weeks ago.

a)    Leave
b)    Has left
c)    Left
d)    Was left

15.    Good students ——————– hard.

a)    Are working
b)    Work
c)    Worked
d)    Have worked


1.    Took
2.    Takes, to make
3.    Are, to speak
4.    Did, beat
5.    Were picked, were ripe
6.    Was shocked
7.    Were killed
8.    Was burnt
9.    Was
10.    Was sung
11.    Were
12.    Was
13.    Was shining
14.    Left
15.    Work