Tenses Exercise III

1.    My brother has ——————– his work.

a)    Complete
b)    Completed
c)    Completing
d)    Been completed

2.    Somebody ———————— my pen yesterday.

a)    Stole
b)    Had stolen
c)    Has stolen
d)    Would steal

3.    ——————— not throw stones at the dog.

a)    Does
b)    Has
c)    Had
d)    Do

4.    The nurse ——————– after the patient.

a)    Is looking
b)    Has looking
c)    Is looked
d)    Was looked

5.    I am disappointed that an unrealistic policy —————– adopted by the committee.

a)    Was being
b)    Has been
c)    Has being
d)    Was been

6.    The patient couldn’t be moved to a hospital and ——————— upon at home.

a)    Is operated
b)    Operated
c)    Was operated
d)    Was operating

7.    She ——————– the room several times.

a)    Swept
b)    Is sweeping
c)    Was swept
d)    Has sweeping

8.    I ——————– at his behavior.

a)    Surprised
b)    Was surprised
c)    Had surprised
d)    Am surprising

9.    He ——————– by his enemies.

a)    Has killed
b)    Has been killed
c)    Was killing
d)    Had killed

10.    My watch —————— stolen.

a)    Has been
b)    Have been
c)    Has
d)    Had

11.    —————— you like such films?

a)    Have
b)    Do
c)    Does
d)    Has

12.    The farmer is —————— in the field.

a)    Working
b)    Being working
c)    Worked
d)    Been working

13.    This book was —————– by John.

a)    Brought
b)    Bringing
c)    Being brought
d)    Been brought

14.    I ——————- your music teacher very well.

a)    Am knowing
b)    Know
c)    Am known
d)    Was knowing

15.    By whom was this jug ———————-?

a)    Had broken
b)    Broken
c)    Broke
d)    Break

16.    The guards ——————- the burglar red-handed.

a)    Caught
b)    Was catching
c)    catch
d)    was caught

17.    English is widely ——————— in India.

a)    Teach
b)    Taught
c)    Being teaching
d)    Teaching

18.    I ——————- you tomorrow.

a)    Will see
b)    Will be seen
c)    Have seen
d)    See

19.    Unauthorized huts in many part of the city ———————–.

a)    Was demolished
b)    Had demolished
c)    Were demolished
d)    Has demolished

20.    I wish our people ——————- not so cruel.

a)    Was
b)    Were
c)    Have
d)    Is


1.    Completed
2.    Stole
3.    Do
4.    Is looking
5.    Has been
6.    Was operated
7.    Swept
8.    Was surprised
9.    Has been killed
10.    Has been
11.    Do
12.    Working
13.    Brought
14.    Know
15.    Broken
16.    Caught
17.    Taught
18.    Will see
19.    Were demolished
20.    Were