Tenses Quiz

Fill in the blanks using proper verb forms:

1. I ————— school last year.

a) left
b) have left
c) had left
d) was leaving

2. He —————– his speech after the break, but the President refused him permission to speak.

a) will have resumed
b) would have resumed
c) would resume
d) had resumed

3. A widespread outbreak of influenza ————— in the year 1919.

a) occur
b) was occurring
c) had occurred
d) occurred

4. Has the problem ———————–?

a) solved
b) been solved
c) solving
d) had solved

5. The old woman accused that her servant ——————- her necklace.

a) stole
b) had stolen
c) was stealing
d) steal

6. The accused ——————- the verdict with anxiety.

a) await
b) awaited
c) had awaited
d) had awaiting

7. The whole milk has —————— by the two children.

a) been drunk
b) was drunk
c) drunk
d) been drinking

8. Being an intelligent boy, he ——————- his lessons quite easily.

a) learn
b) learned
c) was learning
d) was learned

9. I ——————- from Bombay University in 2001.

a) had graduated
b) would graduate
c) graduated
d) will graduate

10. His parents do not —————– with him.

a) live
b) lives
c) lived

d) living


1. a) left
2. b) would have resumed
3. d) occurred
4. b) been solved
5. b) had stolen
6. b) awaited
7. a) been drunk
8. b) learned
9. c) graduated
10. a) live