TOEFL Grammar Test 2

Complete the following sentences using appropriate grammatical structures.

1.    Please ————————— this photo.
a)    look at     b) see         c) watch     d) see at

2.    He would not ———————— me.
a)    hear     b) hear to     c) listen to     d) listen

3.    I have disposed ————————— my car.
a)    of         b) off         c) out         d) with

4.    The ship —————————–
a)    Was drowned      b) drowned         c) sank         d) was sank

5.    He ————————– there for a day.
a)    Lived     b) stayed         c) is staying     d) is living

6.    He ————————- no fault.
a)    Did         b) made         c) caused     d) committed

7.    We ———————— our opponents.
a)    Beat     b) won         c) beaten     d) win

8.    The council ————————- of twelve members.
a)    Consist     b) consists     c) is consisted         d) is consisting

9.    You can ————————– this.
a)    Avail this b) avail yourself of c) avail yourself d) avail of


1. Please look at this photo.
2. He would not listen to me.
3. I have disposed of my car.
4. The ship sank.
5. He stayed there for a day.
6. He committed no fault.
7. We beat our opponents.
8. The council consists of twelve members.
9. You can avail yourself of this.