Verbal ability – Antonyms

Against each keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase opposite in meaning to the keyword.

1. Monomania

a) obsessive preoccupation
b) fear of height
c) diabolic
d) compulsive
e) having many different interests

2. Morbid
a) morose
b) sinister
c) perverse
d) dark
e) cheerful

3. Mordant
a) acerbic
b) sarcastic
c) acrid
d) gentle
e) corrosive

4. Moribund
a) declining
b) flourishing
c) corrosive
d) dilapidated
e) frightening

5. Morose
a) miserable
b) cheery
c) blue
d) eligible
e) anxious

6. Multifarious
a) miscellaneous
b) assorted
c) homogeneous
d) vigilant
e) versatile

7. Mundane
a) celestial
b) worldly
c) exotic
d) ordinary
e) monotonous

8. Munificent

a) miserly
b) liberal
c) bountiful
d) unstinting
e) generous

9. Myriad

a) multitude
b) heap
c) host
d) few
e) load

10. palatable

a) edible
b) potable
c) tasteless
d) appealing
e) pleasant

11. Palatial

a) extravagant
b) splendid
c) regal
d) miserable
e) impressive

12. Palliate

a) aggravate
b) aggregate
c) synthesize
d) alleviate
e) synchronize

13. Palpable

a) perceptible by feeling or touch
b) conspicuous
c) physical
d) overt
e) intangible

14. Panacea

a) supposed cure-all
b) ineffective solution
c) cure
d) solution
e) magic potion

15. Panegyric

a) eulogy
b) praise
c) allegory
d) allusion
e) censure

16. Pariah

a) a social outcast
b) orthodox
c) aristocrat
d) outsider
e) none of these


1. having many different interests

2. cheerful

3. gentle

4. flourishing

5. cheery

6. homogeneous

7. exotic

8. miserly

9. few

10. tasteless

11. miserable

12. aggravate

13. intangible

14. ineffective solution

15. censure

16. aristocrat