Verbs Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb.

1.    The principal ————————- to talk to you.

a)    Want
b)    Wants
c)    Wanting
d)    Is wanting

2.    I ———————- a new bicycle last week.

a)    Have bought
b)    Bought
c)    Had bought
d)    Was buying

3.    I ——————- him only one letter up to now.

a)    Sent
b)    Send
c)    Have sent
d)    Had sent

4.    Did you think you ——————- me somewhere before?

a)    Have seen
b)    Had seen
c)    Were seeing
d)    Are seeing

5.    He thanked me for what I ———————

a)    Am doing
b)    Have done
c)    Had done
d)    Have been doing

6.    The patient ——————- unconscious since 4 o’clock.

a)    Was
b)    Is
c)    Has been
d)    Had been

7.    He ——————— a factory in his town.

a)    Is owning
b)    own
c)    owns
d)    has owning

8.    The earth —————— round the sun.

a)    Move
b)    Moves
c)    Moved
d)    Has moved

9.    He ——————- worried about something.

a)    Look
b)    Looks
c)    Is looking
d)    Has looked

10.    He ———————- fast when the accident happened.

a)    Was driving
b)    Is driving
c)    Drove
d)    Has driven

11.    The driver —————– asleep while he was driving.

a)    Fallen
b)    Fell
c)    Falls
d)    Was falling

12.    I am sure I ———————- him at the party last night.

a)    Saw
b)    Have seen
c)    Had seen
d)    Was seeing

13.    He —————— here for the last five years.

a)    Has been working
b)    Is working
c)    Was working
d)    Had been working

14.    I ———————- a strange noise.

a)    Have been hearing
b)    Heard
c)    Was hearing
d)    Am hearing

15.    He used to visit us every week, but now he ———————

a)    Rarely come
b)    Rarely comes
c)    Is rarely coming
d)    Has rarely come


1.    Wants
2.    Bought
3.    Have sent
4.    Had seen
5.    Had done
6.    Has been
7.    Owns
8.    Moves
9.    Looks
10.    Was driving
11.    Fell
12.    Saw
13.    Has been working
14.    Heard
15.    Rarely comes