Verbs Quiz

Fill in the blanks with suitable verb forms.

1. I ——————- school last year.

a) Left
b) Had left
c) Have left
d) Leave

2. I ———————- from Bombay University in 1999.

a) Graduated
b) Have graduated
c) Had graduated
d) Graduate

3. There ——————— an explosion at the railway station.

a) Has
b) Have
c) Was
d) Were

4. I ——————– to see the exhibition yesterday.

a) Had gone
b) Went
c) Have gone
d) Will go

5. I was wondering if you ——————— me some money.

a) Can lend
b) Could lend
c) Will lend
d) Shall lend

6. He did everything he —————— to prove that he was innocent.

a) Can
b) Could
c) Will
d) Would

7. He ——————— so fast that he was soon out of breath.

a) Runs
b) Ran
c) Has run
d) Had run

8. We often find that children who cannot read ——————- poor eyesight.

a) have
b) has
c) was
d) Had

9. He ——————- today asking me to come next Sunday.

a) Was telephoned
b) Telephoned
c) Had telephoned
d) Has telephoned

10. Some people feel that when they leave school they ——————– to the dole.

a) Entitled
b) Are entitled
c) Were entitled
d) Entitling

11. Columbus was a great navigator in that he ——————– the world was round.

a) Knows
b) Has known
c) Was knowing
d) Knew

12. The floor has been cleaned and the dishes ——————— washed.

a) Was
b) Have been
c) Had been
d) Were

13. Pollution occurs when the environment ——————— by man-made wastes.

a) Spoiled
b) Is spoiled
c) Was spoiled
d) Has spoiled

14. The camel lives in desert regions and ——————— itself by growing a hump to store fat to live on when there is nothing
to eat.

a) Adapted
b) Has adapted
c) Had adapted
d) Was adapted

15. Having climbed the ladder, I helped the child down who ——————- too frightened to move.

a) Has been
b) Have been
c) Had been
d) Is


1. Left
2. Graduated
3. Was
4. Went
5. Could lend
6. Could
7. Ran
8. Have
9. Telephoned
10. Are entitled
11. Knew
12. Have been
13. Is spoiled
14. Has adapted
15. Had been