Words confused Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with suitable verb, noun or adjective. Each question is followed by three suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. Bread is made of wheat ————–

a) flower
b) floor
c) flour

2. An oil lamp needs a ————–

a) wick
b) weak
c) week

3. ————— are small dried grapes.

a) currents
b) currants
c) none of these

4. I didn’t find his story ————–.

a) credible
b) creditable
c) credulous

5.  I cannot decide which course I should ————–

a) adopt
b) adapt
c) adept

6. The meeting was held in a ————– hall.

a) capacious
b) capable
c) capsize

7. He ————— his wife on her looks.

a) complimented
b) complemented
c) none of these

8. Students shall not be given ————– punishment.

a) corporal
b) corporate
c) corporeal

9. His success in the examination is quite —————-

a) credible
b) creditable
c) credulous

10. He is ————— for the membership of the club.

a) ineligible
b) legible
c) illegible


1. flour
2. wick
3. currants
4. credible
5. adopt
6. capacious
7. complimented
8. corporal
9. creditable
10. ineligible