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A little, the little, a few, the few: exercise

January 30th, 2011 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with ‘a little’ or ‘the little’.

1. —————– precaution is necessary in handling an electronic device.

2. We have got —————- bacon and a few eggs.

3. Could I try —————– wine?

4. Give the plants —————- water everyday.

5. ——————— influence that he has, he uses to his advantage.

6. —————- grain we had was damaged in the rain.


1. A little

2. A little

3. A little

4. A little

5. The little

6. The little

Fill in the blanks with ‘a few’ or ‘the few’.

1. His ideas are difficult, but ————– people understand them.

2. ————— public gardens that we have are not properly maintained.

3. —————– days’ rest is all that I need.

4. I can’t express my gratitude in ——————- words.

5. He spent ——————- days that were left to him in solitude and meditation.

6. ——————– points that he made were quite significant.

7. —————– Americans have their offices in Bangalore.

8. ——————— trinkets she had were not  worth much.

9. —————– novels she has written are best sellers.

10. When I met him —————— years later, he looked old and haggard.


1. a few

2. the few

3. a few

4. a few

5. the few

6. the few

7. a few

8. the few

9. the few

10. a few


A little means ‘some but not much’. The little means ‘not much, but all of that’.

A few means ‘some, but not many’. The few means ‘not many, but all of that’.