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Sentences with infinitive structures

November 27th, 2012 in English Grammar

Read the following active and passive sentences.

I have to pay the bill. (Active)

This sentence contains an infinitive structure. We can change this sentence into the passive.

The bill has to be paid (by me).

Note that the active infinitive to pay becomes the passive infinitive to be paid.

There is no need for the governments to regulate the internet. (Active)

There is no need for the internet to be regulated (by the governments). (Passive)

More examples are given below.

The police are going to question the suspects. (Active)

The suspects are going to be questioned by the police. (Passive)

You need to guide her. (Active)

She needs to be guided by you. (Passive)

The principal ought to suspend the boy. (Active)

The boy ought to be suspended by the principal. (Passive)


Change the following active sentences into the passive.

1. She is going to learn a lesson.

2. The home ministry is going to reward the boy.

3. They are going to finish the job today itself.

4. She ought to find a solution.

5. You will have to accept my conditions.

6. She needs to buy some new clothes.


1. A lesson is going to be learnt by her.

2. The boy is going to be rewarded by the home ministry.

3. The job is going to be finished (by them) today itself.

4. A solution ought to be found by her.

5. My conditions will have to be accepted by you.

6. Some new clothes need to be bought by her.