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Adjective Phrases Exercise II

February 11th, 2010 in English Grammar, English Learning

Replace the adjective phrases in the following sentences by adjectives of the same meaning.

1.    He wore a turban made of silk.
2.    You have done a deed of shame.
3.    They walked along a road covered with mud.
4.    He was a man without fear.
5.    She is a writer of great versatility.
6.    It is of no use.
7.    He is a boy of great promise.
8.    A valley covered with grass stretched before us.
9.    The article contains many quotations from the Bible.
10.    He is a cricketer by profession.
11.    You need guidance of a medical nature.
12.    They are a couple with no children.
13.    He leads a life devoid of blame.
14.    He was carrying a knife stained with blood.
15.    I met a little girl from a cottage.
16.    From that sleepy village in the mountains hailed a chieftain of great fame.
17.    He is a man with plenty of impudence.
18.    Nobody likes a person with a short-temper.
19.    He was a soldier free from fear.
20.    I knew that he was a man of sense.


1.    He wore a silken turban.
2.    You have done a shameful deed.
3.    They walked along a muddy road.
4.    He was a fearless man.
5.    She is a versatile writer.
6.    It is useless.
7.    He is a promising boy.
8.    A grassy valley stretched before us.
9.    The article contains many biblical quotations.
10.    He is a professional cricketer.
11.    You need medical guidance.
12.    They are a childless couple.
13.    He leads a blameless life.
14.    He was carrying a blood-stained knife.
15.    I met a little cottage girl.
16.    From that sleepy mountainous village hailed a chieftain of great fame.
17.    He is an impudent man.
18.    Nobody likes a short-tempered man.
19.    He was a fearless soldier.
20.    I knew that he was a sensible man.